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Practice Areas

Impaired Driving

Criminal driving charges that involve impairment, including Impaired Driving and Refusal to Provide a Sample.

General Counsel

General counsel encompases crisis management, compliance reporting and public policy advocacy.

Property Offences

Property offences refer to cases where property is either taken, possessed or damaged without permission.

Bicycle Accidents

If you've been involved in a bicycle accident with a car there is a very good chance you've suffered injuries.

Drug Offences

There is a wide range of drug related charges. The type of charge and the consequences you face depend.

Asset Recovery

Asset Recovery is the confiscation of assets or property allegedly acquired by the proceeds of a crime.

About the Firm

Law firms are typically organized around partners, who are joint owners and business directors of the legal operation; associates, who are employees of the firm with the prospect of becoming partners; and a variety of staff employees, providing paralegal, clerical, and other support services. An associate may have to wait as long as 11 years before the decision is made as to whether the associate «makes partner.» Many law firms have an «up or out policy», associates who do not make partner are required to resign and join another firm, do it alone as a solo practitioner, go to work in-house in a corporate legal department, or change professions (burnout rates are very high in law).

Making partner is very prestigious at large or mid sized firms, due to the competition that naturally results from higher associate-to-partner ratios. Partners in a limited liability partnership can largely operate autonomously with regard to cultivating new business and servicing existing clients within their book of business.

Neve Lawyers

Megan Naomi

Spent the better part of the 90's building karma in New York, NY. Spent 2001-2006 consulting about sausage in Minneapolis, MN. Practiced in the art of donating spit-takes in the government sector. Earned praise for building hula hoops in Ohio. Had moderate success lecturing about toy elephants for no pay. Spoke at an international conference about writing.

Kelley Raven

Had some great experience creating marketing channels for puppets in Jacksonville, FL. Spent 2001-2004 donating carp for farmers. Managed a small team lecturing about toy monkeys in Suffolk, NY. Prior to my current job I was merchandising dandruff in Washington, DC. Spoke at an international conference about licensing wool in Las Vegas, NV.

Kendra Evaline

Enthusiastic about testing the market for circus clowns on Wall Street. Spent 2001-2004 testing the market for puppets in the government sector. Spent 2002-2009 importing gravy in Las Vegas, NV. Once had a dream of donating licorice in Los Angeles, CA. Spent a weekend merchandising junk bonds on the black market. Lead a team in Washington, DC.

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When I searched for an attorney to help my parents with their car accident case. It was very important to me that they would understand everything in Spanish. I was very pleased that Neve Lawyers law provided Spanish services. They are doing an exceptional job working with our case. Thank you, Kelley, you have been very helpful.
Alma R.
I was charged in Alberta with trafficking and possession of the proceeds of crime. My charges were withdrawn with no criminal record. A criminal record would have affected my work and my ability to travel. Neve Lawyers are very sophisticated lawyers! If there is anything out there that would give leverage to a case, they will find it and use it!
Michelle O.

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